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Factoring Associates - Accounts Receivable Financing

We provide your company with working capital to provide money for payroll, pay your suppliers, and grow your business. We do this by using your accounts receivables as collateral to provide you with immediate cash. We work with any industry and any size invoice. Factoring Associates can arrange factoring advances from $20,000 to $15,000,000 on a monthly basis by using your assets: your account receivables. We are a factoring company providing several different kinds of financing, including equipment leasing. Click here to contact us about factoring your invoices into immediate cash.

Can Factoring Help Your Business? Take This Factoring Test To Find Out...

1.  Would your business benefit from a credit line that allows you to draw funds as needed based solely on your accounts receivable, with no collateral?
2.  Would you prefer to have a more stable cash flow?
3.  Are you worried about the creditworthiness of your customers?
4.  Would your business benefit from a service which protects you from bad debt losses?
5.  Do many of your customers take a long period of time before paying their invoices?
6.  Could your business take advantage of certain discounts or generate more sales if your cash flow situation were improved?
7.  Is your business seasonal, or experiences cyclical declines?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Accounts Receivable Factoring is a key to your business' future growth. This is the best way to obtain quick financing based on only your invoices as collateral. Click here to get started. We invite you to explore our website, and feel free to contact us here at anytime

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